There are a few guidelines which need to be meet so you can enjoy your perfect new shower.

08 Nov 2013 06:28

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1. Required Space

Because all steam shower units are free standing and built away from their final resting positions, this is due to the fact that all the water connections for the unit will be located away behind the shower, you must allow additional room. There must be enough room for the installer (at least 40cm maneuverability on all sides) and 15cm at least from the celine to plumb the overhead waste. Always check the dimensions and double check them before ordering.

The flooring used must 100% be level and completely smooth. Tongue and grooved floorboards, carpet and vinyl’s are not recommended as they will not allow the cabin to be moved freely over the surface which is required for assembly and possible service access at later times. check this out [" aqualusso steam bath].

For showers that are to be installed on ground level on a concrete floor, you need to be sure that shower will have good drainage to allow the water to flow away, in some cases showers installed in this situation are installed on a raised platform to help aid the units drainage

2. Water Requirements

The showers require connection to both the hot and cold feeds and need a pressure of between 1-3 bar. This water on the hot and cold MUST be equal on both side (completely balanced). If thee pressures are not balanced then the thermostatic core may become damaged over time,to prevent this the fitting of a pressure equalising valve should be considered

The pipe work should be recessed to allow the cabin to fit flush to the wall. The connections for the water are at the rear of the cabin at a location corresponding into the control panel. The hot and cold water connections on the pipes should sit around 100- 120 cm from the floor and be finished in 15mm isolation valves. For large tubs or whirlpool bath units pipes can be situated either under the tub or recessed behind. See this aqualusso steam shower.

Almost all steam showers and cabins will work from the following systems:

1. Combi Boilers
2. Pressurised Pumps
3. Pressurised Cylinders/Megaflow Systems

What about if you have a gravity feed system?
This will almost certainly mean that you will need to install a pump

3. Electrics

Most steam units are powered off a single standard 13 amp supply unless the unit is a whirlpool unit which is powered by two standard 13 amp supplies. To keep in line with the rules and laws regarding water and electrics in the bathroom, this connection must be made via a fused spur connection and be switched outside the bathroom

All electrical work on a bathroom that is anything more than wiring a plug must be carried out be a trained qualified professional, failure to do this may result in serious injury or death.

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